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Your finances are what drive your future.

Our Primary Purpose

At first glance, financial planning might appear to be black and white...but at Huskey Financial Planning, we focus on what gives your life color.

When you envision your future, you aren’t thinking of interest rates and stock returns—you’re thinking of a lake house in a sentimental spot or the vacation your family has been dreaming of. When we envision your future, we focus on how to help you hit the financial goals that will get you where you want to be.

We approach financial management in a way that stands out. We understand that an investment portfolio makes up a small percentage of your overall wealth profile—and that your finances make up a small percentage of who you are. Your lifestyle, past expenses, and future plans are all integral components of making smart financial choices, which is why we get to know you as we get to know your portfolio.

When you trust us to manage your assets, you can be certain that you’ll receive advice that takes everything about your life into account—not just formulas based on your countdown to retirement. With financial education as one of our cornerstones, you will learn not only what we’re doing with your money, but how the actions we’re taking will help you have a secure wealth plan for every stage in your life. We will build a comprehensive financial plan that puts the things that matter the most to you at the forefront, so you can focus on building the future you want for your family.

Steven Huskey, CExP

Steven Huskey, CExP

President / Financial Advisor / Certified Exit Planner

(843) 714-3387

Ben  Decker, CExP

Ben Decker, CExP

Director of Business Planning

Ciara Jenkins

Ciara Jenkins

Client Relations/ Administrative Assistant

Katie Jamil, CFP

Katie Jamil, CFP

Investment Advisory Representative

Michael Acosta

Michael Acosta, CFP, CSLP

Financial Advisor, Certified Student Loan Professional


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