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The Key to Unlocking Your Highest Income Potential in Retirement

October 28, 2020

No one wants to work forever, and most people work diligently to invest, plan, and save in order to retire as quickly as possible. As you work to build your nest egg, most do this with the assumption that it will all be theirs to freely use once they officially retire. However, once these funds are accessible, there are still obstacles to consider that many people don’t anticipate—and a few creative ways to still make the most of your assets.

Making the Most of Your Nest Egg

Because of market shifts, taxes, inflation, and other factors, many people find that they are having to budget far more in retirement than they did when they received a steady paycheck—in fact, the current recommended investment withdrawal rate is approximately 3% (e.g., $2,000,000 of savings capital x 3% in earnings and dividends = $60,000 pre-tax income). In spite of this, many people end up spending more than they anticipated within the first several years of retirement as they make the purchases and take the trips they have always dreamed about during their working years. When you combine the need to budget, the increased spending, and the rising cost of medical care for those aging, it can lead to a major lifestyle shift later on in retirement as people realize their funds may not stretch as far as they hoped.

This is not what people typically want to hear as they approach retirement age, but if you can change your approach to retirement savings, you can also change the outcome. The most common advice when preparing for retirement is to invest at your preferred risk tolerance and allocation, build up your 401(k) and rely on Social Security checks for a routine income payment, but by getting creative with your life insurance, you can find additional ways to actively enjoying your assets in retirement instead of worrying about the budget.

How Life Insurance Factors Into Retirement Income

Many people have the common perception that now that my kids are grown, I can drop my life insurance policy so I can save, and even invest that money I was spending on the policy. The loss of the life insurance death benefit from your balance sheet will have a significant impact on your ability to access other assets in retirement. What is not realized is that you are losing much more than just the death benefit associated with the life insurance policy; you are losing the freedom to live your retirement life to the fullest. Rather than looking at permanent insurance as a cost, it is important to see it as an asset class with a promise. 

By having a great protection strategy in retirement, you are able to enjoy your wealth with the security of knowing that your policy removes legacy planning concerns and may also increase your expected retirement income. Your permanent protection will allow access to your assets including the principal and its earnings. Overall, a retirement plan that factors insurance into the strategy may work better for you—and for the rest of your family—than one that does not. You may also count on this policy to provide long-term care, approximately at one-fourth the cost of a stand-alone long-term care policy annually, with appropriate riders. 

If you’d like help learning how to make the most out of your retirement income, we’re here to help. Contact Huskey Financial today to learn more about creative ways to help you save.

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