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The Top 3 Tips for Networking as an Entrepreneur

January 15, 2022
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For many people, entrepreneurship is a wholly solo venture. Coming up with business ideas and executing them can feel lonely at times—in a world where a good portion of our social connection comes from work, if you are the only person tackling your project, it can start to feel lonely quite quickly.

However solo an entrepreneur’s role is, it doesn’t have to be a lonely one—and in fact, it shouldn’t be! Having a strong network is vital for any person, but for business owners, it is especially important. Making genuine networking connections can help you develop new ideas, foster new business relations, and give a boost to your work-life balance…it’s a win-win-win! Below, we have listed some of our favorite tips to share with entrepreneurs looking to build their network, so you can find your community and improve your business in the process.

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Prioritize Networking

Get Involved With Your Local Community

Building relationships in your local community has so many benefits, both in your professional and personal life. Regardless of your industry, the odds are good that you can find like-minded people right in your area to network with. Whether you choose to join a networking group catered to business owners or focus your efforts on volunteering or other community improvement initiatives, you will likely find like-minded people to convene with wherever you end up.

Don’t Overlook Social Media

It is important to foster in-person connections as an entrepreneur, but combining that with the reach of social media can create a powerful thing. LinkedIn is the network of choice for professionals, but you can also engage with Facebook and Twitter groups if you find things relevant to your industry there. Social media makes it possible to connect with entrepreneurs across the globe, but you may find people local to your area there, too.

Put Your Name Out There

Even outside of specific networking events or small business conventions, there are a lot of ways that you can put your name out there in your community. Finding boards to sit on, panels to participate in, or podcasts to be a guest on (such as our own Portfolio Pulse!) provide a fantastic opportunity to get your business in front of more people and can provide a nice segue into meeting people in your community, too.

Make Authentic Connections Your Focus

Simply meeting people is great for having familiar faces around, but authentic networking goes a step beyond that and can be far more effective. Focusing on building connections beyond introductions is where the real benefits of networking lie—asking questions about others’ businesses, making a point to follow up after an introduction, and starting organic conversations that go beyond talking shop can help you create deeper relationships, both in your direct community and in your online relations.

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